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275 x 202 x 85/100 (width x depth x height)

Adjustable: Yes – headrests

Folding: Yes

Storage: Yes

Seat height: 43 cm

Seat depth: 60 cm

Sleeping area size: 208 x 125 cm


The large LAGUNA sofa set is simple, beautiful, and high-quality furniture that will impress with its modern design. The owners of these seats will especially appreciate their excellent high-quality surface finish and great comfort when sitting, as its filling is high-quality medium-hard foam. The frame is made of soft and hardwood. The seat is fully upholstered, and it includes a large selection of upholstery fabrics. When ordering, state the selected upholstery fabrics in a note or contact us. The design of the seat and backrest of the sofa is firm, high, which results in a comfortable seat. The sofa is foldable and its sleeping area is 208 cm wide and 125 cm long. It has positioning headrests and lifting storage space on the gas pistons, into which duvets, blankets or other objects can be stored.


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