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Divan Bed With Mattress


The Divan bed with optional mattress has a specific arrangement in which the base comes in two pieces attached together. Customizability is the defining characteristic of Divan. It comes with the option to add or remove the headboard. The storage option is available in drawers in this arrangement.

The Divan Base is made up of medium-density fibreboard (MDF) and offers a sturdy foundation for your mattress. It’s beneficial to use this type of wood instead of natural wood, as it doesn’t have any type of natural knots to increase the risk of breaking. We deliver bespoke Divan bed that’s guaranteed to serve you for the long term.


Want to have an affordable luxury bed for your room? Opt to get the Divan Bed with a mattress from Tender Sleep. We deliver custom made divan beds wrapped in a classic cotton-linen fabric along with headboards and mattresses in different sizes and colours. High-quality fabric is used to craft this amazing Divan leather bed, that’ll make you feel tranquil all night. It’s a natural hard-wearing fabric with natural fibres and a non-slip surface to provide perfect good night sleep.

You can also add the storage options in your Divan bedsto keep extra bedding, pillows, sheets, etc. Everyone loves to have an extra storage space in their bed to keep their room well organized. You have the option to add the under bed ottoman storage or the simple 2 to 4 storage drawers depending upon your needs.


  • Option to choose mattress and headboard
  • Entails Solid Covered Chipboard Base Sides
  • Veneer Lined Inner Body and Floor
  • Built with high-quality Timber
  • Option to add 2 or 4 base storage Drawers
  • Base sides made up of Chipboard


  • Available with 25cm-40cm deep base
  • Entails Metal Shepherd chrome legs/wheels
  • Range of different sizes (4.6ft, 5ft, 6ft) and colours


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